Taco Bell and Xbox Launch Attractive Contest

Taco Bell and Xbox launch a bundle

Taco Bell and Xbox have teamed up yet again to launch a winnable kit for fans. What’s more, every ten minutes a winner is going to be announced. This makes your chances of winning the kit very likely. To enter the contest, all you need to do is eat up a Double Chalupa Box between October 17th and November 23rd. Once you do that, you just need to follow the instructions on the box and enter the code given. You can immediately check if you won the contest. If you do, you will receive your gift bundle in 48 hours. 

Here are the things that you stand to get if you win the Taco Bell and Xbox contest

  • An exclusive bundle that comes with a limited edition Xbox One X Eclipse console. This console is known for Taco Bell’s famous ring noise when you power it on. 
  • The about-to-be-released Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. This is scheduled to be released on November 4, and you will get to enjoy it.
  • 6 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This allows you to access Xbox Live Gold and a library of more than 100 outstanding console and PC games. 
  • If you order the Double Chalupa box on ta.co or Taco Bell’s app, you get access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 14 days

Spread the Taco Bell Gamer credentials on social media

As an added attraction, you can also use the “What’s Your Taco Bell Gamertag” chart and post the results on social media. This will prove to your friends the you’re a gamer on a completely different level. There is nothing better than being able to show off your gaming credentials to your rather envious friends. This might even encourage them to play more and play better. Use the Taco Bell opportunity to win prizes and prove your gamer credentials!

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