Borderlands 3 DLC Packs Are Finally Here

Borderlands 3 DLC Packs

You might already know that Borderlands 3 is one of the most sought after first person shooter games available at the moment. Gearbox went a step ahead and decided to unveil Borderlands 3 DLC packs well in advance of the Bloody Harvest event. Bloody Harvest is a Halloween themed event that begins towards the end of this month. The packs are available for $4.99 each. In the beginning, only if you had pre-ordered Borderlands 3’s special edition could you lay your hands on the packs. 

What do the Borderlands 3 DLC packs come with?

Let us take a look at the available packs which you can get right away:

  • The Toy Box Weapons Pack – This comes with a super soaker water pistol
  • Gearbox Cosmetic Pack – Weapon skins inspired by Gearbox games and a trinket
  • Retro Cosmetic Pack – This is specifically for Vault Hunters fans. You can play with the red-colored guns
  • Gold Weapons Skin Pack – This one is self-explanatory
  • Neon Cosmetic Pack – Five blood-curdling Halloween themed skins

These skins and cosmetics are a great option for you to dress up in a certain theme. In fact, you might end up attracting all the attention on the dance floor of a Halloween party. Just make sure you order the pack that suits with your personality.

Costume packs for Halloween are always fun

Halloween can be an intensely fun experience to everyone, gamer or non-gamer. However, video game fans have the extra advantage of multiple storylines and pop culture references they can use to party away. Most gaming companies understand this and usually launch events, gift packs and cosmetics that coincide with Halloween. This year too, the Eridium event will ensure that you enjoy what you like theist: dressing up in scary Borderlands 3-themed costumes and cosmetics, and party the night away. 

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