Stealth Camo Created With Kinect Hack, Sort of

We find ourselves saying this every week now, but we have to say it again, “This is the coolest Kinect hack we’ve ever seen!” This hacker was able to create stealth camo similar to what Snake uses in Metal Gear Solid or the Predator’s cloaking. Have a look after the jump.

This hack is from a Japanese modder by the name of Takayuku Fakatsu, who used Openframeworks to modify it. Check out the video below; it’s very awesome. All you can see is the guy’s blurred outline, just like in the movies.

While Microsoft’ Kinect for Xbox 360 is a cool device on its own, the hacking community is what makes the peripheral truly remarkable. The $150 price tag is definitely a barrier, but if every Kinect unit could do this sort of stuff without the need to modify it, we would be even more convinced.

If you haven’t yet tried out Microsoft’s Kinect, it’s it’s basically a fancy, two-camera setup that uses infrared to and depth perception to detect user movement and translate it into in-game commands such as Avatar movements or menu navigation. The downside is that it does have its limitations, because it requires that users have a large space to play in and correct lighting. Otherwise, movement may not register correctly.┬áIt’s also a fairly large peripheral, so users may need a mount if they have a thinner set such as an LED TV.

If that doesn’t deter you from picking one up, and you are thinking of getting one for the holidays, you may want to pick one up soon. They are sure to be a hot holiday item. As it is, Microsoft recently reported that the peripheral had sold more than 2.5 in its first 25 days. That’s 100,000 units a day!

In case you need some more advice on Kinect, take a look at some of the limitations of the device, as well as some mounts that will help you keep it steady on top of your television set.

Via: Kotaku

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