Sharpen Your Music Skills by Playing the Kinect Air Guitar

To play the air guitar has been many wannabe-musicians’ way to get noticed and charm people. This time around, a nerdy musician has created an amazing Kinect Air Guitar using Microsoft Kinect and a few other programs. Chris O’Shea used c++m openFrameworks and openCV with Microsoft Kinect and got a few drivers to detect the player while playing the Air Guitar.

The system that he has created detects the player in the frame and the camera detects the position of his hands. One hand would be assumed to be holding the neck of the instrument while the other hand would be assumed to be strumming the strings.

The results may not be perfect but it is still at a conceptual level. With a little work and effort from O’Shea or other programmers, the Kinect Air Guitar could even be used as a Guitar Hero Controller, without even having a tangible controller around.

When you look at the video, you would realize that he is having a lot of fun while playing the Kinect Air Guitar, though he sounds a little out of tune. That shouldn’t matter, as with a little practice even the rudimentary Kinect Air Guitar should prove to be an amazing instrument and an even more amazing way to woo an audience. While I would not expect a Jimi Hendrix to be born while playing this Kinect Air Guitar, it sure should inspire people to learn the real instrument sometime in their lives at least.

You could also take a look at the Metallica Guitar Hero Faceplate which would make you remember all the great tunes by this amazing metal band. If you are not really into Metallica, you could choose to chill out by choosing the Van Halen Guitar Hero which comes with dozens of hits. If you have the time and knowledge, you could try and ameliorate the Kinect Air Guitar by using some programming and hacking skills.

Via: Walyou Via: Gadget Venue

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