Saints Row: The Third’s Initiation Station

No, this isn’t some weird frat-house ritual where you’re beaten with a paddle, though what you create certainly could deal a whoopin’. The Initiation Station is the character creator for this up-and-coming game, and on it’s own can serve many hours of entertainment!

Starting with an intro that contains helpful registration information, useful directions, and more silicone than an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, this game’s character creator is outstanding. Yes, I felt  like I was playing The Sims at first when using this creator, but when I saw what I could change my outfits to, what I could make my skin color be, and even how big I could make my “junk,” I knew I was right at home in the world of Saints Row. The creator itself is fairly basic, not requiring much prior knowledge, and also allowing as much creativity and depth as the player would like.  The guys and gals over at THQ were kind enough to give us Xbox Freedom a full hands-on look at the program, including every unlockable the game has to offer, and man-oh-man is there a lot of them!

If I could count them all… Well, I couldn’t. There is just far too many items to change and customize in this game. On top of the countless items for clothing, tattoos, and accessories, you can also change the color(s) of everything that is put onto your character. Want a pink top hat and a neon blue vest? Done. Want a jet-black body with white hair and cat eyes? Done. Want to dress up as a furry? Yeah, they included that, too. The combinations are endless, and are going to keep this gamer occupied for a bit more time yet (still trying to figure out how to make him look like Batman after seeing the “super-hero mask”). Once the game is released, you’ll also be able to use the character that you’ve already created, allowing for hours of meticulous creation before the game comes out!

Head on over to the Official Saints Row website and check out all the features of the Initiation Station, all the cool uploads from people around the world, and also all the other cool features for Saints Row: The Third! If you received a free code to download the Initiation Station, make sure to use it!

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