Saints Row: The Third – A Jest During Fierce Competition

With Battlefield 3 on the horizon for this coming week, the console war between the FPS’ shall begin. While Saints Row: The Third is no FPS, it certainly likes to poke a bit of fun every now and then!

The Saints Row franchise has always been one to poke fun now and then, and they are certainly doing that now with their release date gradually getting closer and closer. With the newest trailer, some of the game’s awesome visuals are shown off, but also the city, Steelport, and it’s task force, STAG, the Special Tactical Anti Gang unit.

While the trailer does show off only a tiny bit of actual gameplay footage, there is a playful jest at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which this writer is absolutely in love with. Playful jests are great, and this one hits the nail on the head with the big FPS battle approaching. From THQ, though, Director of Social Media Zack Jerome gives Xbox Freedom these words about Steelport:

The city of Steelport is one that doesn’t sleep. Be it a firefight between man-pulled chariots, a man in a bunny suit taking out a tank with an RPG, or just a man hitting another in the crotch with a predator drone control case, it’s a very unique city. The 3rd Street Saints have turned Steelport into their own personal playground, overwhelming the entire police force. In order to take down the Saints, the Special Tactical Anti-Gang unit, better known as STAG, has been tasked with taking out the Saints through any means necessary, and they do mean any means. If you thought calling in a few APC’s and Tanks were too much, then it’s time to look up into the sky for something nobody could expect. 

Saints Row: The Third will be just as fun as the last two in the series, and it’s less than a month’s time away! Until then, check out The Top 10 Zombie Games on Xbox 360!

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