Riddler’s Puzzling Role in Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham Asylum was an amazing game that wowed fans all over. With the sequal on the way, Batman: Arkham City, the trailers and teasers are making eager fans dance in their pants.

Arkham Asylum had many hidden items to find, notably The Riddler’s hidden items and clues which rewarded players with experience. With Arkham City on the way, it appears that the Riddler is going to be bigger and better than ever. The recently released trailer showcases The Riddler with many equations, contraptions, and questions on-screen. He appears to take on a more puzzle-type approach in the trailer, showing off some weird contraptions that Jigsaw himself would be proud of.

While the video is only a teaser, it sure does give a good insight into this upcoming game. The Riddler is an amazing villain, one of my favorites, and will hopefully only add more to this already amazing series. With it’s release in October, you all better be sure to make your reservations, as this will be one hot item in the fall which will certainly not fall under the radar from the other amazing games coming out this year.

Via: Youtube

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