Resident Evil 4 HD – Official Launch Trailer

Resident Evil 4 HD was released this week along with an official launch trailer to remind us about all the things we love about this game.

resident evil 4

The trailer, is mostly the standard fare, action / horror kind that we see for movies every other week. Pumping soundtrack, mysterious villains, action, snippets of dialogue and more action. The only real difference is that this is for a game that has just been released.

Everyone who played Resident Evil 4 back when it came out, or on any of the systems it was ported to, know the deal. You play as Leon, an ex-Raccoon City police officer who managed to survive the events of Resident Evil 2. Now, acting as a security agent / body guard for the United States, you find yourself sent in to an isolated village in Western Europe to locate the president’s daughter.

It looks like very little has changed with the actual game itself, with the exception of the high definition upgrade to it’s still decent looking graphics. Heck, when the game was first released I don’t think many of us had ever seen graphics that could come close to rivaling it. Remember the boss fight in the burning barn? No spoilers, but it’s the epitome of beauty and horror.

If there’s one thing that this trailer does is that it suddenly makes me really want to relive all those terrying moments that game so fondly left us with. Maybe it wasn’t as scary as the first Resident Evil back on Playstation, but it found new ways to make us unsettled and lose our cool. Fear resided in the sheer number of opponents that hunted us, as well as in the sound effects, like some footsteps that get louder as a certain beast gets closer.

Now, we can relive those moments on our Xbox 360, with full achievement support, and bonus bragging rights. How many of us can honestly say that this won’t be the first time we buy this game?

Resident Evil 4 HD was released over Xbox Live this week and it’s going for $19.99 in North America.

In other blasts to the past, Razer is coming out with an old school style Arcade Fighter Stick for the Xbox 360 and if you’re like me and can’t get enough out of killing zombies, look up our hands on review of Dead Island.

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