Assassins Creed: Revelations – Multiplayer Trailer

The release of Assassins Creed: Revelations is quickly approaching, and as the days become less, the antipation builds. To build even more upon this, a trailer for the game’s multiplayer has been released, and it is every bit as sweet as the first trailer.

The first trailer for the upcoming Assassins Creed game was incredibly well done with spectacular art, and this new trailer certainly does not fall short on that. Featuring an array of characters (presumably playable characters in multiplayer), the trailer shows off just how control is going to be sought. As the trailer says, “A Templar understands that to create the perfect civilization, one needs prestige, power, and absolute control,” and that is exactly what this trailer shows off.

If the graphics look this well-done in the final release, Ubisoft will really have outdone themselves. The looks of anguish on the victims’ faces is just pure anguish, just as it should be. The blood thirsty Templars are slaying all that get in their way, and when you combine that with some showing off of the characters battling each other  (and also the sick dubstep in the background), you’ve got yourself one hell of a trailer. This trailer almost excites me more than the original trailer, seen below.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will relase a few more trailers before release that look at actual gameplay, as I’m greatly interested to see more of that. Until then, we’ll just have to marvel at these pieces of work. I cannot wait for this multiplayer, and it makes me wondewr if players will be able to make their own factions or sects to control, eventually aiming to take over a whole area. If so, this would add a very interesting piece to the gameplay, but one can only speculate until actual gameplay is released.

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