Let there be Action – Rambo coming to Xbox 360

According to sources, a game starring the iconic Silvester Stallone character, Rambo, will be making its way to consoles sometime in 2012.

rambo game xbox 360

Due to the success of the recent Rambo movie, as well as Stallone’s “Expendables” and all around nostalgia for the days of big muscles and even bigger machine guns, Reef entertainment has decided that now is as good a time as any to bring Rambo to Xbox 360 gamers.

For those of you too young to have caught the original movies, Rambo was one of the founder fathers of action movie heroes back in “First Blood” and its numerous sequels. The movie practically invented the “tought guy who kicks ass” motif and was responsible for a whole generation of ridiculously entertaining action movies.

Reef Entertainment currently has a deal with StudioCanal which owns the movie rights to Rambo, which will allow them to make numerous games using the character should they so choose to do so. However, it is not known if they have the rights to use the likeness of Stallone himself or if they will have to create their own depiction of Rambo.

At this point, one can only hope that Reef Studio decides not to crank out yet another generic first person action game. So long as the game is at least 50% better than EA’s Call of Duty spoof “Duty Calls”, we can at least be happy to see Rambo come to life on consoles once again.

duty calls parody

The game is slated to be released shortly after next Summer’s theatrical release of “The Expendables 2”. How much Stallone can you take? Hopefully quite a bit.

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