More HD Alpha Footage from Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is just around the corner, and with all the Alpha footage surfacing, it is good to take a look at the game at it becomes more and more polished.

While the footage doesn’t show anything new per say, it does give some good look at an overall view of the game, and that is why I love this clip. It really shows off quite a few features of the game; vehicle combat, squad combat, the differentiating amounts of space to combat in, and a variety of the weapons. Since announced, I’ve really liked the idea of having squad mates spawn on the “team leader” in order to create a more flexible spawning system.

The customization screen also looks awesome, as well as everything else in the game. Of course, the footage is from PC game play, but that does not make it any less viable. Because it’son PC, the graphics look a little better than normal, but I still see it as an awesome sight to behold. Hopefully the guys and gals over at Infinity Ward will put up some new in-game footage to show fans, and then people will really start to compare these two amazing titles. For now, we’ll have to oogle at the awesome footage from fans around the world playing the Alpha and hope to receive some special MW3 content soon, and when you do you’ll be the first to know from the guys at Xbox Freedom!

While there will always be favorites between the two (my heart belongs to BF3, guys), they will both be awesome, and I cannot wait to be able to play with our amazing community here at Xbox Freedom! For now, why don’t you check out Minecraft Beta to be Available over Xbox Live Arcade and 40 Minutes of Skyrim Footage Leaked and Revealed!

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