New Arkham City Trailer Features The Penguin

Some juicy info on the upcoming Batman: Arkham City has leaked after this years Comic-con, and the most interesting bit is that the Penguin appears for the first time on it.


The best part is that he looks damn cool and threatening. Batman: Arkham City arrives in stores October 18, 2011, and marks not only the RockSteady Studios debut for the tuxedo-wearing nemesis, the Penguin, but also the comeback of another DC Universe bad guy, Solomon Grundy. Below is the trailer from Comic-Con 2011 in all of it’s glory. In there, players will see a good dose of the Penguin, who now sports an English accent, and gets into a brief conversation with Bats.

Path-crossings with other villains will be a frequent throughout Arkham City, and depending on where you venture through in this vast, open-world, you’re bound to run into the Riddler or the Joker. Man, are we glad this is just a videogame and not real-life.

Aiding Batman will be Catwoman, who’ll show up every once in a while, thieving her way into nine-lives risking situations. RockSteady promised controlling her will be a totally different experience, for she’s much more agile, and uses her claws and whip to take down enemies.


And on the subject of pre-order exlusives, Best Buy customers will get to play as the boy-wonder himself, Robin, who also debuts in Arkham City. Too bad he looks straight-casted out of the 1997 Batman & Robin movie. Let’s hope the similarities end there, though, for both fans and critics remember the movie as one of the worst films ever created.

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Source: PS3Maven


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