Mountain Dew Xbox 360 Controller Shampoo and Soap

Most geeks lack the drive to get up and take a shower, and that is because playing  video games is so enthralling and difficult to get distracted from. Thus, many geeks may have less than acceptable standards of personal hygiene, with no offense meant whatsoever.



DigitalSoaps on Etsy have launched a cool Mountain Dew Type Shampoo and Xbox Soap Combo which is a dream that has come true for many geeks. The shampoo comes in a mountain Dew bottle and it smells like Mountain Dew too! The soap smells like Mountain Dew as well, but is shaped like an Xbox Controller.


The package comes with 12 ounces of shampoo and 7 ounces of soap. It would even be packaged in an attractive manner if you are planning to give this as a gift to someone. At $30, the combo is a steal. You could also check out other soaps that we written about earlier like the Xbox 360 Controller Replica Soap and the Halo 3 Soap.


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