Microsoft and LG make Xbox 360 come alive with 3D gaming

First came the video gaming consoles, then came the 3D LED televisions, and now here come a combination of both these technologies. Microsoft and LG are working alongside each other to bring us the 3D gaming experience by adding 3D gaming to Xbox 360 by issuing a firmware update.


In layman’s terms a firmware update means up-gradation of several controller devices like the remote controls, keyboards, TFT screens etc by changing the electronics but not necessarily replacing the hardware component. This firmware update by Microsoft is in line with the one issued by Sony for the PS3 that allows it to play 3D games.The two companies Microsoft and LG have signed a ‘MoU’ to promote their products, the LG 3D LED televisions and the Xbox 360 gaming consoles together, but as of now this is only applicable to South Korea, but some more countries might be included in the future.

While more details regarding this promotional partnership will be available at the E3 annual gaming next month at Los Angeles, you could also take a look at the Top 20 Xbox 360 Games and Accessories.

Via: Telegraph

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