Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360


If you were tired of waiting for Max Payne 3’s release, then just hold your breath for Rockstar Games is currently working on its development and will release this winter. It will be released on various consoles and the P including the Xbox 360. Max Payne 3 comes with an interesting story to tell and you will love it more if you prefer detective stories.


The story is about a retired police detective, who is entangled in many problems like corruption, turmoil and intense violence. Nevertheless, Max Payne doesn’t get enfeebled by these problems and instead, he comes out with a penchant for violence to avenge the death of his family. The story has more in store for you and it will put you into the role of Max Payne while you are playing the game. Sam Houser, the Founder of Rockstar Games opined that they are in fact, starting a new life for Max with this game.

You can expect Max to be in his new image, perhaps a few years older, stronger, more world weary and cynical than ever before. So, watch out for Max and how he would struggle through his journey. I am already building up my anticipations and am too excited to wait for its release!

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