Master Chief Dons Red, Blue and Orange in New Lego Sculpture

Master Chief from Halo must be one of the most important characters in the world of gaming. dm_meister has created a Lego version of the famous Halo character, using red, dark blue and orange blocks. A full sculpture of this magnitude would stand at a height of 195 cms! However, the geek behind this work of art has only created the bust and it sure is a hell of a sculpture.

Lego has this incredible appeal to it and anything that is created using its innocuous blocks has the ability of morphing into something other-worldly. Master Chief here has donned the costume he wears in the Halo Red Vs Blue series thanks to dm_meister. He plays the leader of the red team and also as a sociopath when he goes to the war.

You could go ahead and get a boxful of Lego blocks yourself, and try and build Master Chief in some other colour combination! You could also try and take a look at other Halo inspired art works such as the life size rendition of Halo M6D Pistol. The Halo Lego Cufflinks could be used by anyone who wants to walk the dangerous path that separates one from being chic and a geek.

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