Unthinkable Master Chief Costume Made Out of Lego

Benny Brickster, AKA Ben Caulkin has been busy the last few months building a life-sized costume of Master Chief, protagonist of the Halo franchise.  What started out as a recreation of the helmet ended up being a well-documented process in Flickr, where Ben mounted this impressive piece (pun intended) letting the fans know how each part of the process went.


Let’s face it: the thought might sound ridiculous, but the execution is fantastic. Benny confessed he didn’t think about this overnight, and drew inspiration from Simon MacDonald’s (SIMAFOL) Boba Fett costume, and what he saw at Brickworld, the LEGO convention. What started out as a fantasy soon turned out to be a reality.


The biggest challenge was keeping the suit proportionate with both the character design and Ben’s own body, after all, what’s the point of creating a costume if you’re not gonna use it? The Helmet was the hardest piece to develop, and some parts even had to be built with non-LEGO pieces in order to be as faithful as possible and doing the details justice.

Master Chief Back

The suit was debuted at “LEGO fun at Lyndhurst” festival, a small local event by Arthur Gugick, where Benny wore the suit, and even walked amongst the crowd. The results? An absolute success, save a piece here and there, the suit ended the journey without any harm nor coming undone.



From here, we want to congratulate Benny Brickster, and mention that we’re eager to see more of his work. Keep it up, fellow! To see more Halo goodness check 31 Awesome Halo Designs, Toys and Accesories, Halo on an Atari 2600, or the Drool-Worthy Halo Cake.

Via: Brotherbricks

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