MadCatz Street Fighter 4 Controller in April


If you wanted a new pair of joysticks, then you would be pleased to know that Capcom promises to produce the Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition and the Street Fighter IV FightStick for Sony’s Xbox 360. Apparently, the first will be available in “very limited quantities,” and therefore, you might have to hurry up and snaffle your share lest the stock runs out.

It will pack the exact Sanwa joystick and 30-milimeter buttons, which is found in the official Street Fighter IV arcade machine. On the other hand, the latter comes as a more commoditized version with a more vanilla stick and plain jane buttons. While you might just be too eager to buy them, you would have to indeed be patient and wait until the devices hit the commercial market. The company plans to start the shipment only either by the end of this month or the end of April. Nevertheless, Capcom claims that they will produce enough inventory to take care of most of the current orders if not all.

This will certainly disappoint some of you; I fail to comprehend the logic behind this. When there is a good deal of orders, why not manufacture more? Meanwhile, the price tags are fixed at $149.99 and $69.99, respectively for Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition.

Via: Examiner

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