Kinect Star Wars Bundle out this Holiday Season

Microsoft and LucasArts have teamed up and will be releasing a “Kinect Star Wars” bundle this holiday season to coincide with the release of the game.

kinect star wars

Included in the bundle will be an Xbox 360 Slim, a Kinect, one controller and a copy of the upcoming “Kinect Star Wars”. The bundle will follow the standard pricing of a regular Xbox / Kinect bundle, with the bonus of having the console and controller sporting some neat decals and a paint job.

The console itself with mirror the blue and white look of R2D2, albeit slightly less boxy and trashcan shaped. The controller will sport a golden shine in the vein of C3PO.

Kinect Star Wars will be the latest addition to the Star Wars universe, with a story line that follows a year after the events of the “Phantom Menace” film. Rather than play the part of an already established character, players will take on the role of a Padawan and work their way up to becoming a Jedi master over the course of the game.

kinect star wars gameplay

The game promises to make good use of the Kinect’s motion controls, allowing players to wield a light saber and force powers alike all through their hand motions.

However, those of you hoping for a dark and mature story will need to look elsewhere. This title is being primarily aimed at “kids and their families”. The graphics and presentation value of the game, while not too shabby by any standard, do have a certain “kiddie” look to them. With any luck though, the game play will be light but fun, and might even give the rest of us a reason to pick up a Kinect. After all, who wouldn’t want to force throw a few more storm troopers?

Expect it to be released, according to sources, sometime during the December holidays.

In other news, check out some Battlefield 3 Alpha footage and some screens from the upcoming Bloodrayne: Betrayal.

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