Arty Halo Xbox 360 Controller Mod

If you did not have enough of the Halo Xbox Mod or the other Halo goodies, then you should really check out this cool new controller mod for the Xbox themed on Halo, made by iGallardo. One of the most arty and coolest controller mods that I have ever seen were usually created by amateur artist like our friend here, most of these pieces are a sheer representation of the effect of the game on the gamer.

halo xbox 360 controller mod

The mod is very well painted and the best part is that it is made in the classic Cartoon style, which generally has a very playful yet arty feeling, making such things very adorable. This mod looks like it might have taken a long time to complete, and definitely a lot of effort has been put into it. The custom paint job has a very original feel to it, also the cool green color is a little break from the usual thought military green.

cool halo xbox 360 controller mod

While you read all this stuff, there might be a small desire to do something similar, something arty and cool so why not check out this Make It Yourself Master Chief Doll and make some cool stuff on your own, and maybe we could be featuring your art work on this site next, so get going and get creative. If you are too worked out to try our hand at art then try destroying your enemies with the Halo Plasma Rifle.

new halo xbox 360 controller mod

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