Halo Wars Figurines Mega Giveaway

When Ensemble Studios created Halo Wars for Xbox, they had no idea that they would see a day when Halo Wars figurines would be a rage online. Megabrands have the whole collection of Halo Wars universe and if you have the all, you can actually decide the fate of covenants and the UNSC. The guys are also offering an online giveaway of 1 of 10,000 figurines. All you would need to do is enlist as a Mega Bloks Commander and you could win one of the figurines for free.

halo wars mini figures

The site even has some awesome downloadable content which includes wallpapers and posters associated with UNSC and covenants. I guess Halo Wars fans never had it so good! It would be fun to make the covenants lose once in a while in order to nurture the evil in you, and snigger wickedly! On a more serious note, Halo Wars is one of the most popular RTS till date and there is every reason for it to be so.

halo wars figurines

The game comes with amazing graphics and sounds that you could never stop playing it ever! If you are still not satisfied with all the figurines, you should check out the cool Halo Covenant Plasma Rifle. There was a time when we were really excited about the Halo Wars Release back in 2008, and now we know that the excitement was justified!

cool halo wars mini figures

Via: Megabrands

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