Halo Themed Xbox 360 and Accessories

If you like the Halo game a lot, you would be thankful to Damon Trim who has designed a number of Halo themed gaming devices. The Legendary Edition Bundle consists of many Halo themed devices such as an Xbox console, controller, Zune special edition, an amazing looking Halo machine, and great packaging.

halo theme xbox 360 console

The Halo themed Xbox 360 comes with a skin that is based on objects found in Halo 3 Universe. The Zune Special Edition would come with pre-loaded content and a customized Halo 3 background image.

master chief theme xbox 360

In fact, the Black Zune looks amazingly chic and geeky at the same time! The Halo 3 Legendary Edition is a collector’s item and is a must have if you are a great Halo fan. No real fan can resist the temptation of getting this amazing bundle of devices, al themed around and inspired by Halo 3. It would be really cool if the designer could also fit in a Halo themed display, though it may become a little too extravagant.

halo theme xbox 360 game console

You could take a look at the artistic Halo Xbox Controller which is one of the coolest that I have seen. If you have an iPhone, you could get yourself the Halo Logo Felt iPhone Case, which I am sure, is really nice to touch. The Custom Painted Halo Xbox Mod is something that you should get if you are tired of a regular Xbox console.

halo zune player

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