Halo Reach Xbox 360 Case Mod

While Halo fans are waiting for Halo Reach to finally be released, here is a new Xbox 360 Case Mod that provides a tribute to Halo Reach with laser etching, paint and more promises to come.


Created by Kevin Napier, a.k.a CorpseFact0ry99, this new Xbox 360 Mod has a laser etch side with a silhouette of the main Halo characters painted pitch blank, with the background actually see through…showing the Xbox real insides.

As mentioned, Kevin explains that this Xbox 360 mod is just in the beginning phases and has much more to come. What can we expect from the finished case? Well, Kevin says that “There will be lights on the inside, painted dvd drive with window so you can see the disc spin, a matching harddrive with window and lights, led fans and then hand paint the halo reach carving on the side”.


I personally cannot wait to see the final product, but I must admit this one as is has a great minimalistic look.

Via: NeverKnowTech

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