How To Make a Halo Master Chief Munny Doll


The Halo Master Chief is one of the most popular video game characters and is probably totally looked up to by gamers and geeks. It is no wonder that there are so many different Master Chief action figures, dolls and amazing images of this so-called role model, but this Munny doll version may be cute, but it is no fighting warrior.


If you are interested in the art of doll making or if you simply love Halo and mini munny, you would be pleased to know that we have just discovered a cute Master Chief mini munny made by Chelsea, who apparently made this munny doll for one of her friends, who is a big fan of Halo (Thanks so much Chelsea for the images and info).


The yellow face and the wicked helmet are enough to make you want to learn how to do something like this yourself. I love the glowing face, for it underlines the kick-ass nature of teh Master Chief but combines it with the innocent features of the munny doll. Well, as small as they are, these mini munnies stand 4” tall and are made of vinyl, which seems to be swooping the craft world by storm.


As can be seen in the images, besides great patience and skill, a utility knife is required, which was used to shape the armor and Super Sculpey helped with the rest. The body parts were baked separately at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, making you a chef as well as a gamer.


The job is not as easy as simple sculpting, because then the actual detail and paint is added; Gesso and acrylics were then used on the whole body to give final touches to the munnies. I never was a fan of Halo or munny but now I must admit that I really have begun to like these cute dolls. They are just too adorable to ignore!



Awesome job Chelsea! Image Credit.

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