Custom Handpainted Xbox 360 Faceplates

If you love your Xbox 360 so much that you have a vision of what it’s faceplate should look like, you can order a custom handpainted faceplate with the design, character, and drawing of your choice. 


Pavel Dolgov creates amazing looking Xbox 360 faceplates to match your need and desire for your Xbox 360 console. As the various images on his site suggest, these could includes Halo Master Chief, Superheroes, video game characters, Anime, sports, patriotism and much much more. Unfortunately, these have a hefty price tag of $150 attached to them (not including shipping), but this is both due to the handpainted job plus the uniqueness of having a limited edition faceplate that was specifically commissioned for your design.


Check out the rest of his gallery besides just the images seen here and then think of how many different ways your personal Xbox 360 could look.


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