Make Peace With Your Enemies With This Halo Grenade Cake

Remember as kids we were always taught to love our neighbors and our enemies, we were told to make love and not war and I say is there any better way of making peace with your enemies than sharing a big , yummy and delicious cake with them? This cool Halo grenade cake is here to make you forget all your differences and get along together, it will help you bridge the gap between you and your enemy’s thoughts, after all who does not like cakes?

This cool cake features a green butter cream icing much resembling the Halo theme, topped with oven dried cake crumbs and of course the center piece of the whole cake, an edible and fondant fragmentation grenade. The whole motive of the cake is to make this world a more happier of a place to live in, and if things do not work out with you and your enemies, you could always toss in a real grenade at the end of the show or just replace it with the one on the cake.

You can also check out the cool Halo Encyclopedia that will give you more info on tactics and grenade types or simply lay back and have fun playing games on your special Halo Reach Case Mod.

Via: HawtyMcbloggy

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