31 Awesome Halo Designs, Toys, and Accessories

I take it that you are all very much aware of Halo, the brilliant sci-fi video game franchise created by Bungie and owned by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a highly played franchise throughout the world and it also has a very interesting story line. This awesome game has also been adapted in books and comics and if you guys are not aware, there is an anime series based on the game called Halo Legends and there is an upcoming movie which may possibly be called, The Fall of Reach.

Well, I think you now know how much we love Halo, and to show this love here is a brilliant compilation of 26 designs, toys, and accessories inspired and dedicated to one of the most famous games we all know.

Master Chief Mask


Dressing up like Master Chief has gotten a lot easier – thanks to this uber cool Master Chief Mask. It has some battle damage and LED search lights on both sides which make it look more realistic. It is sized for an adult head and it is priced at $115.00 US.

RC Controlled Warthog


We are familiar with the famous Warthog from the Halo universe. Well here is a brilliant remote controlled Warthog which you can get for just $24.99 along with two Spartan Soldier figures with a Light Anti-Aircraft Gun mounted on the back.

McFarlane’s Halo Ghost


This is really beautiful to look at – the Ghost from the Halo universe. It comes with some great add-ons like moving wing flaps, pivoting nose guns, rotating grip controls, and a sliding seat which can accommodate your Halo action figures.

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Animatronic Halo Elite


So far, it has been really decent but I am very sure that this has blown your mind! This is the work of the guys at Petemander GFX and they have created this brilliant Animatronic Halo Elite which stands 7-feet tall and is unbelievably accurate.

The Halo Shoes


If you love playing Halo and collecting shoes, then this one should be in your closet. This is a design by Daniel Reese and if interested, you can check out some more geeky shoes.

Real Life Warthog


Not satisfied with the remote controlled Warthog? Well then, why don’t you give this real-life Warthog a try? It works absolutely fine; it is a four-wheel drive and has dual-mounted machine guns!

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Halo 3 Wireless Headset


This is the Xbox 360 accessory for the hardcore Halo player. It is a well designed wireless headset which goes with Master Chief’s green; it has a Halo 3 logo and a visor gold power button which makes it unique.

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Halo Xbox 360 Mod


This is a limited edition – one of its kind Halo Xbox 360 Mod. It is brilliantly designed; looks totally awesome; and it is one of those things for which I will happily trade my soul.

Halo Xbox 360 Controller Cradle


This is a skull-shaped Xbox 360 controller cradle and what’s more amazing about it, is that it has a brilliant Halo 3 symbol right at its center. It is designed by Darryl Smith and if you want it, you can make one for yourself.

Halo-themed Xbox 360 Controllers


These are two well-designed and good-looking controllers for your Xbox 360. It is a limited edition so if you’re lucky enough, you may still be able to get hold of one.


Source 1

Halo Master Chief Ring


If you and your girlfriend both love playing Halo (which has a fat chance), you can get this awesome Halo proposal ring which looks like Master Chief’s helmet and things will always be great between you and your girlfriend. At least that is what I hope.

McFarlane Halo Action Figures



These are just few of the brilliant Halo action figures from McFarlane toys but are enough to give you a Nerdgasm!



Source 1

LEGO Halo Characters


We all know that you can put together those brilliant LEGO brick to make anything possible. So, if you are a bit stuck up, fear not because you can head over and learn how to create Halo characters using the almighty LEGO.

LEGO Halo Sniper Rifle


Apparently, this was a submission for a LEGO contest. It is made up of 75% of LEGO and it looks quite accurate to the actual sniper available in the game, but in a more colorful manner.

Source 1

Halo M6D Pistol Replica


The M6D Magnum Sidearm is one of the most famous and reliable weapons in Halo. This remarkable replica of the M6D pistol is created my Robo-Man and sadly it is not for sale. However you can try building one for yourself and let us know if you succeeded.

Covenant Plasma Rifle Replica


If you know the M6D Pistol you must also be very familiar with the Covenant Plasma Rifle another famous weapon from the Halo franchise. Unlike the M6D Magnum Pistol this one is available for purchase and it will cost you $65.99.

Master Chief Bobble-Head


For a mere $10.99 you can get yourself this absolutely amazing Master Chief Bobble Head. It is 7-inches tall as a good base with the Master Chief and it looks really neat.

Halo NERF Automatic Rifle


This is a NERF Recon converted into a brilliant Halo NERF AR Rifle. It is an absolutely amazing mod by Moz but sadly it is not available for purchase.

Halo 3 Jackets


Xbox 360 gamers, this is one thing which will make you stand out. If you love this action shooter to its core you are going to love these amazing Halo jackets which cost $39.99 each.


Source 1

Master Chief Halo Hat


This unique hat is for those guys who are not very much comfortable with the Master Chief Helmet. This is a decent head gear for Halo nerds which looks a bit similar to the Master Chief Helmet.

The Halo Encyclopedia


Interested to learn a lot more about the beautiful and exciting first person shooter, then the best solution would be this amazing Halo encyclopedia which is a guide to everything Halo.

Master Chief Munny Doll


If you like this cute little Master Chief doll, you should thank Chelsea; she is the one who has worked to turn this Spartan warrior into such a cute little figure.

Halo Risk Board Game


This is a collector’s edition Halo Risk board game which costs a mere $33.99. It is a modern sci-fi board game where you get to play as 3 armies, have 3 different objectives, and play in 3 different ways.

Halo Odd Pods


If you are looking for some unique Halo figures, then your search ends here. These are Halo Odd Pods priced at $38.99 for the entire set which includes the Arbiter, ODST: The Rookie, Spartan CQB, and the Spartan Hayabusa.

Master Chief Soap


If you are looking for a nerdgasmic Halo bath, then this is the solution!

Wicked Halo Clay Figures


I think wanted to do something unique to show his love for the game. So, he decided to make clay figures of the Hunters, Elites and The Flood and he has done a really great job.

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