Gears of War Series 5 Action Figure Case

Gears of War is one of the most popular games on the XBox 360, and there are certainly many reason for its popularity. Being a 3rd person shooter video game, it focuses on the soldiers of Delta Squad who fight to save humans on the planet of Sera.


Players take up the role of Marcus Fenix, and they fight the subterranean enemy Locust Horde. The Gears of War Series 5 Action Figure Case is an amazing gift to anyone who loves the game, for it comes with 14 action figures based on the Gears of War game.

Surprisingly, the package also consists of Colonel Hoffman, which is quite rare. 4 figures of Colonel Hoffman, 2 figures of Boomer, 4 action figures of Locust Grenadier Beast Rider and 4 COG Soldiers make up your box, and it sure is one hell of a collection.

The Gears of War Series 5 Action Figure Case costs $198 and can make a great gift! You could also check out Gears of War 2 Action figures, which we had written sometime ago. If you don’t like action figures, check out the Gears of War Xbox Case Mod.

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