Gears of War 2 Lancer Creates a Buzz

If you are a great fan of shooter game, you would have loved playing Gears of War 2 because it is quite clearly one of the best tactical third person shooter games ever. Epic Games certainly knew what they were doing when they got the sequel developed!


The human coalition fights against the subterranean Locust who plan to take over the world and its inhabitants. However, the game also provides players to take the side of the Human Coalition and shoot all the locusts with the awesome lancer that the game has become synonymous with.


The Gears of War 2 lancer has been created by some cool gamer and is about 36″ long and weighs about 13 pounds. If you ask me, that is a little too heavy. However, they are manufactured from weapons grade plastic and thus would be quite lethal if you choose to exercise your lancer on your geekish friends. The slide handle can be moved up and down easily and if you pull the trigger, you could experience the awesome ‘chainsaw’ sound and feel vibrations.


The lancer has been created using 3D technology and aims at saying as close to the original in the movie as possible. All you would need to get this awesome Gears of War 2 Lancer is cough up $119. If you were looking for other merchandise pertaining to the game, you would love to use the Gears of War Christmas Jewelry and also, sink your teeth into delicious Xbox 360 cakes.

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