Kickass Gaming Shirts by 604Republic

Gaming usually carries over to other areas of our lives, and it’s not uncommon to see videogame posters on our walls, characters accessories, or gaming t-shirts. It’s particularly t-shirts the ones that get the most compliments, as they are the ones gamers get to show outside, while stuff like posters usually stay at home. And while official shirts always kick ass, fan designs usually fall short on quality or are just not that good.

The guys at 604Republic have decided that being being a geek/gamer and wearing a good quality shirt doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, and did some designs that pay tribute to our favorite hobby with the best possible material and damn good stamps/designs. Check these out:

Philosophy Fighter

Gaming shirt 2

This design pays tribute to Street Fighter II and every game that came after with a Greek twist. It’s quite kickass to see the creator of the inductive method ready to take out the creator of the Allegory of the Cave. Also, notice the time left for they battle.

Gamer’s Closet

Gaming shirt 1

For some of us that have been gaming for years, this is what our collection looks like. Some of the best costumes in the picture include Gordon Freeman from the modern Classic Half-Life (Crowbar included!), a costume from BioShock, and classics from the 8-bit generation like Legend of Zelda or Metroid.

The Chiefs

Gaming shirt 3

This one goes out to the Halo fans. We knew since the moment we first saw Master Chief that he reminded us of something. In any case, no matter what kind of armor anyone wears as long as your skill for headshots is good enough.

If you liked some of these designs or feel curious about what else the guys at 604Republic have to offer, you should check out their site. Most designs have their men and women counterpart, and they also offer them on posters,  so there’s room for everyone. Also, if you feel like reminiscing classics, you can read about the Metal Gear Solid HD compilation and Devil May Cry HD rumors.

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