Want To Shape The Future of the Xbox One? Microsoft Will Soon Let You

As Microsoft continues to look at new features to help improve their console, the Xbox One, they will now allow users to provide direct feedback on them.

Xbox One in Use

‘Ah!’ you scream, shaking a fist at the screen because [insert name of a company you love] have only gone and included [new feature that you hate] at your behest. It’s infuriating, isn’t it? When you’ve been so used to your favourite gadget or site and then the company behind it has flipped the switch on you, without prior warning. It’s even more annoying when it’s not even something you asked for such as the team behind Twitter increasing the font size for better reading whilst continuing to make it nigh on impossible to report annoying spam accounts. That’s not the future that Microsoft wants for its new next-generation console, the Xbox One, and with good reason too as the console has sold over 5 million units around the world. So how are they going to solve that? By asking their users of course! With a brand new response scheme set to make its way onto the console.

The feedback suggestion, as spotted by users on NeoGAF, is going to allow a myriad of options to provide your thoughts, feelings and general opinion on each new bit of Xbox One update that Microsoft are considering to make a permanent feature. From single question polls to a five star rating system or a full survey, you’ll get more than a good chance of presenting to the company just what it is you think about what they’re doing and thankfully for those who aren’t fond of second screen controls or the Kinect camera, you’ll be able to input your answers to these surveys and the like all from the Xbox One controller.

What’s in it for you? The main benefit for getting involved is, presumably, that you’ll be able to boast that you helped shape the Xbox One’s future as Microsoft will be stat-tracking and changing things (or throwing feature out of the update) accordingly. Not that you’ll be able to put it on your CV, mind. Not only that but you’ll also be able to invite friends to the feedback program too so you can change the future together! Or something. There’s currently no word on when the Xbox One update feedback program will be out, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

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