Microsoft to Give Away FREE Xbox 360s!

While nothing is really free in this world, students can now obtain a free Xbox 360 by simply purchasing a new laptop!

For those of you who have read our articles and have dreamed of obtaining an Xbox 360 of your own, your chances are here now. All you have to do is buy a Windows 7 PC, at $699 or more, and obtain a FREE Xbox 360 Slim. The offer will run from May 22rd to September 9th, 2011. Unfortunately, this offer is only available in the US right now, but hopefully other countries will begin to see the roll out of this offer in the coming weeks, with a confirmed offer rollout in France and Canada in the coming weeks.

While the package only offers a small 4 GB Xbox 360 S, it is a great deal for poor college students looking to obtain a new system. The offer really is not too bad, as you can update your hard drive space by simply buying a bigger hard drive for low prices online or in stores. When you’re shopping for your next PC, make sure you pay attention to the price and try and obtain a FREE Xbox 360!


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Via: Windows Experience Blog

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