Microsoft Claims Reports Of Data Mining Via Kinect Are “A Misinterpretation”

Confusion erupted in the gaming community as Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi spoke about “bridging worlds and offering that to advertisers”. Is Microsoft data mining with Kinect or not?

Kinect Data Mining

Microsoft came out and reached out to the press to explain that Mehdi’s presentation last saturday morning at the Association of National Advertisers’ convention (titled “Winning the Game: Xbox Marketing”), which spoke of “bridging worlds and offering that to advertisers”, referred to SmartGlass and smartphones, and remarked their stance saying they “have a long-standing commitment to [gamer’s] privacy and will not target ads to [them] based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so.” What does that mean? That if you’re worried about Kinect, and privacy, a single pop-up and prompt is all it takes to make it go away.

Albeit the official communication states otherwise, this is just the last one in a series of events where higher-ups in Microsoft seem to speak and cause confusion, and word statements in such a way that “fans misinterpret” what’s being said to them. This comes all about a month before the Xbox One’s launch, a troubled one that seems to have Microsoft going back and forth with what they want to communicate. Microsoft, you really need to get your game together, the Xbox One looks promising, but the things you’re doing with it, not so much.

Source: Destructoid

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