The Beatles Rock Band Xbox 360 Mod is Fabulous

The Fab Four have made their way into the Beatles Rock Band the Video Game and now take another entrance into gaming with this fabulous Xbox 360 Mod created and painted in tribute to the Fab Four and the new video game.

the beatles rock band xbox 360 mod

This new Xbox 360 Mod is auctioned off for charity and can be found (or bid on) right on Ebay. With so many Xbox fans all over the world, and of course major Beatles fans before some of us were even born, it may be difficult to be the one to get their hands on this beautiful Xbox 360.

beatles xbox 360 rock band mod

new beatles rock band xbox 360 mod

At least the proceeds will go for a good cause, Doctors Without Borders, with as the name suggests…help worldwide.

beatles rock band xbox 360 mod

the beatles xbox 360 mod of rock band

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cool xbox 360 mod the beatles rock band

Via: Xbox Press

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