New Assassins Creed 2 Character


You might be pretty much au fait with the much awaited and image of Ezio, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed 2 has popped out of nowhere. The image has been gathering a lot of attention from gamers, especially from those who are eagerly waiting for its release. Protagonist Ezio will appear in the 15th Century Venice, where the game is set.

Ezio shares similarities with regard to his appearance with Altair, who is the protagonist of the original game. Just as the setting demands, the players of Assassin’s Creed 2 will retrospect in Italy (perhaps to 15th century). Ezio’s appearance may perhaps be rather Gothic as he is seen to be possessing gliding wings. This phenomenal design is done by none other than the genius, Leonardo Da Vinci, himself. Besides, Ezio will also carry blades on both hands, which are subtly hidden and will have access to a wider variety of weapons available. Sounds quite interesting as far as Ezio’s wardrobe is concerned!

As many gamers complained of redundancies about the first Assassin Creed, its sequel promises to go the extra mile thereby, providing more variety in gameplay. Ezio will also be seen as a better hero than Altair for the latter did not know how to swim, which is known in the sequel.  However, time will only decide whether or not he would do enough justice to his character. Most importantly, I am concerned about the difficulty levels of the game. In the image however, he looks pretty cool and most gamers have been building high hopes this time.

Via: XBoxLiving

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