15 Epic Fallout 4 Wallpapers

Getting immersed into a video game means doing more than just playing it. There are many who do a lot more than just play Fallout 4, and one of those things is collecting Wallpapers of the game, letting it follow you even when you’re not currently inside the Commonwealth.

There are arguments for and against the quality of Fallout 4. While it’s not a perfect game (part of the Bethesda magic is making imperfect games), I personally think it’s fantastic and most importantly: Fun, without making you exhausted and bored after one playthrough.

As for the wallpapers, basically digital posters, it’s about finding a moment in the game or related image, be it promotional or fan art, that is something you can look at a number of times without getting tired of it. The vault door is one of my personal favorites, but the look at the post-nuclear wilderness and cities is a great way to keep in touch with the game.

Whatever your quirk and personal favorite is, there’s plenty to choose from – especially if your favorite companion is Dogmeat, who seems to be the most popular choice, and for good reason. He looks great in high resolution, and dogs just make our hearts melt.

Vault 111 Wallpaper Fallout 4 Power Armor Wallpaper Fallout 4 Welcome Home Wallpaper Fallout 4 When the bomb drops Wallpaper Fallout 4 Terminal Screen Wallpaper Fallout 4 Logo Wallpaper Fallout 4 Wilderness Wallpaper Fallout 4 Companion Wallpaper Fallout 4 Machine Gun Wallpaper Fallout 4 Salesman Wallpaper Fallout 4 Garage Wallpaper Fallout 4 War Wallpaper Fallout 4 Diamond City Wallpaper Fallout 4 Bridge Wallpaper Fallout 4 Nuclear Bomb Wallpaper

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