Where The Wild Things Are Rolls Out an Xbox 360 Game

If you enjoyed the fun stories from “Where The Wild Things Are”, and are also looking forward to the movie which is due release on 16 of October 2009, then you should really get your self one of the game adaptations of the heart warming series.

where the wild things are xbox 360 game

where the wild things are video game

The player is required to run, jump, swing and make their way across the islands wild terrain, and battle the fierce creatures with your trusty scepter. You also need to collect a variety of special and power ups and gan new abilities to overcome various obstacles. On your way you will team up with some fearsome but lovable wild things which all have different personalities and abilities. At any time you could return to the Wild Things Village to play through a variety of mini games, start dirt-clog fights and have a rumpus good time.

new where the wild things are game

xbox where the wild things are

Journey across the hostile of the Wild Things filled with fierce creatures and hazardous obstacles around every corner. Go beyond the movie to explore a unique storyline inspired by the book and movie, all this makes this an incredible game for all age groups. The game sell for only $49.99, which could be a small price to sacrifice for loads of casual fun, irrespective of their age group.

xbox 360 where the wild things are

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