Titanfall 2 on Xbox One is a Black Friday Deal You Can’t Miss

EA made a mistake of releasing Titanfall 2 in between two other very popular first person shooter franchise releases. It hurt the sales, but for the Xbox One (or any other platform), Titanfall 2 is probably the best game of the three.

Titanfall 2 has been out since late October, but you can buy it for $47.84 instead of $59.99, a 20% discount. The reviews are through the roof, and it really is a wonderful FPS experience. But it was released in between ‘Battlefield 1’ (another EA title) and ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, hurting its chances of making an immediate impact on the sales chart.

Titanfall 2 Xbox One

Not all games do well right off the bat. Some games slowly gain the trust of the gaming crowd, who can’t all spend $180 dollars in a couple of weeks to get three very good games who offers a slightly similar experience. Don’t get me wrong, Titanfall 2 is probably the best first person shooter I’ve played in the last two years, but even with a cross-platform release (which didn’t happen in the first game), it just didn’t have the ability to compete with two bigger brands releasing games at the same time.

And it’s a shame because a lot of people didn’t notice Titanfall 2 came out, or just now hearing about it. Battlefield 1 is an excellent game offering a different experience (World War I), Call of Duty has its massive, addicted following, but Titanfall 2 is probably the best a first person shooter can offer a player thanks to unmatched fluidity which provides combat experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

If you were planning on buying one game on a Black Friday deal, Titanfall 2 should be it. Not because of feeling bad for EA because they made a bad marketing choice, but because it’s simply a terrific game, that should be talked about a lot more during this time of year because it’s superior to its current competitors in everything that matters.

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