Review: Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Wins All the Way

Elite 2 Controller

When it comes to one of the best controllers for the Xbox console, one couldn’t go farther away from Microsoft’s very own Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. This is a premium level controller that packs in a lot of technology and features. Microsoft certainly knows how Xbox functions and behaves. Consequently, it is the best company to manufacture a controller for the Xbox. The Elite 2 controller comes with a number of customizations, fancy features and an elegant design that makes it look and feel very premium. 

In this article, we review this newly launched Elite series 2 controller that has already gathered steam among serious gamers, ready to pay for what it’s worth.

What does the box contain?

Elite 2 Controller

The product box consists of the actual controller, a fancy carrying case, and a number of knick-knacks. These include a standard thumbstick, two classic ones, a tall one, and a Wide Dome thumbstick. In addition, you will also find the 2 medium and 2 mini paddles, along with a standard D-pad. The box also includes a USB-C cable, charging dock and a thumbstick-adjustment tool. In short, the Elite 2 comes with all the necessary accessories and multiple buttons and thumbsticks to make gameplay a breeze. 

What Elite 2 looks and feels like

Microsoft has put in a lot of effort into the design and build of the controller. Elite 2 comes with a softshell case and foam material, which makes it easy to hold and play. Most gamers will find it easier to use Elite 2 during long hours of gaming. It is also ergonomically designed, thanks to which users can avoid painful joints and fingers. It weighs 345 grams but does not feel clunky or difficult to hold. 

The battery performance of the Elite 2 Controller is quite remarkable

Elite 2 Controller

The battery is rechargeable but cannot be removed from the controller. When charged completely the controller will easily run for around 40 hours. That should be enough for those marathon game plays both online and off-line. The battery can be charged via a USB C plug or a wireless charging dock. Considering the controllable is premium priced, it probably would have made sense to include a removable battery. 

Tackling the changeable sticks and buttons

Elite 2 Controller

Users can easily locate the menu buttons and the standard X, A, Y, and B buttons. The Elite 2 controller comes with D-pad buttons and changeable analog sticks. Users can easily remove these buttons and replace them with any others that have been provided in the box. With the help of a screwdriver, one can easily adjust the tension of the analog sticks. 

Elite 2 Controller: The verdict

The Elite 2 Controller can be bought on amazon and is one of the best controllers available in the market. It is a premium level controller meant for gamers who take their gameplay seriously. In addition, it is beautifully designed and feels great while using it. The level of personalization and customization that it offers is unmatched and is well worth the extra price that one has to pay.

Of course, there are more reasonably priced controllers out there. However, none of them seem to offer the kind of quality and experience that Microsoft Elite 2 Controller does.  Buy it here.

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