One Handed Xbox 360 Controller

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We have already seen some really brilliant Xbox 360 controller mods. This one is really special and is made by Ben Heck the same person who brought us the Xbox 360 Laptop and many other Xbox mods has created this really brilliant single handed controller for Xbox 360 fans.

The main purpose behind this mod is to give one handed people the ability to enjoy this brilliant console. This is a really great task from Ben and it shows the amazing capabilities of Xbox 360. As you can see in the images the mod looks quite sophisticated and is designed to make the experience as convenient as possible.

If you are interested in other such brilliant mods here is another single handed Xbox 360 controller mod which is also designed by Ben Heck and for those who love playing those amazing games on the Xbox Live Arcade here is a really awesome Xbox 360 Joystick controller.


4 thoughts on “One Handed Xbox 360 Controller

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  3. brendan cosgrave .

    is the one handed controller on the pictures on sale now or is it still pending.I contracted Ben Hick directly on the phone last year ,he said product wasn’t ready yet. i was wondering if he got any further with it! The design is fantastic and would help me and many more handicapped gamers to enjoy hours of fun! Thank you for your time.

  4. Brian J .

    Why doesnt somebody make a regular joy stick with another joystick on top for your thumb for people with one arm. It seems so simple, why hasn’t anybody made one yet!! lol

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