Mona Lisa Xbox 360 Case is strangely funny

Are you a classic art fan? And are you a Xbox fan as well? If that is the case then you have the best piece of art available that you can buy for your collection right now. The artist who painted this was probably under a humor spell…to have painted the awkward looking Mona Lisa on the Xbox case.

The artist has painted Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and her smile on both the sides of the Xbox Case, to customize it for use, and you can purchase it for $25 at ebay. We came across this piece of art at hawtymcbloggy, who seems to think this painting is weird, and others who have spoken for the painting seem to appreciate the funny side to it.

Although it can be a little distasteful to make fun of another artist’s work, when it makes people laugh, then everything is set right. Besides, the Mona Lisa seems to look good with a pair of shades, depicting the ‘V’ peace sign. Who says classic art is only for certain people? We appreciate it too!

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