Kane and Lynch Custom Painted Xbox 360

Different Xbox 360 Mods have come and gone and so has the Kane and Lynch video game, but the artwork on this console is a beautiful one that should be appreciated.


Painted and developed by Charlie Sutcliffe, these Xbox 360 consoles are a great view for the eyes. Just imagine, the game Kane and Lynch Dead Men may not be the most popular or successful, but these kind of consoles could go a long way for wonderful publicity.


As Charlie mentions, he envisions these kind of works o be done as advertising, and you can recall the Watchmen Xbox 360 Mod that created a lot of hype along with the movie’s release. All in all, this Xbox 360 is embodies beautiful artowkr that could be a business by itself, like the Xbox 360 faceplate designs.


Thank you Charlie for the images and details!

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