Halo Kubrick Figures Up for Sale

While Kubricks toys have been sought after by thousand because of their non availability and exclusivity, there are these Halo Kubricks which would be the best gift to anyone who loves these awesome toys and also the Halo game. These Kubricks are imported from the land of rising sun and are brightly colored. The Kubricks look strangely similar to the Master Chief and The Flood. They come in white, gold, olive and silver.

halo action figures kubrick

Each of these Kubricks looks totally futuristic and there is something really alien and parasitic about these figures, reminiscent of the Halo title. The figures derive inspiration from the Halo: Combat Evolved. The Kubricks themselves are not easy to find and collectors usually pay hundreds of dollars to get the rare ones. They are usually manufactured in limited numbers and never re-released.

It should not be a surprise that one is now able to get Halo Kubricks as even Madame Tussauds immortalized Master Chief from Halo in the famous London Wax Museum. Halo has inspired many people to try making things on their own and the Xbox Halo Cake is one such example. The Halo Covenant Plasma Rifle looks deadly enough. The Halo Kubricks cost $20 and measure about 2 and half inches tall each.

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