Halo Characters Helmet Collection for 2009 Wave 2 Case

If you are a great fan of Halo and also of motorcycles, you would most certainly want your helmets to look like they were inspired by your favorite gaming characters, and here are some really cool Halo 2009 Helmet Collections.

halo 2009 characters helmets

Halo 2009 Helmet Collection Wave 2 Case comes with custom designed helmets that are designed to fit any 12-inch McFarlane Toys Spartan figure.

cool halo miniatures characters helmets

Each helmet comes with its own stand and a wall mount display. Wave 2 case comes with 8 individually packaged 3-packs. Some of the characters who inspired these helmets are Scout in white, Mark VI in striking blue and EVA in red, CQB, Rogue and EOD, all in blue; EOD in sage, Hayabusa in violet and CQB in yellow, Scout in red, Master Chief in green and EVA in brown. These helmets are designed to fit your 12 inch action figures.

new halo miniatures characters helmets

Of course you would not be able to wear them yourself but it still is a great thing to buy these and show your love for Halo and also your love for biking or motorcycling. I especially like all the intricate details which make the helmets look like they are made for real and that they are not just toys. You could also check out all these cool Halo themed Xbox Accessories that we wrote about some time ago. Perhaps you would also like the Art Halo Controller Mod. Halo 2009 Helmet Collection Wave 2 CaseĀ  costs $96.40

cool halo characters helmets

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