Gears Of War Imulsion Drink Now Available On Earth

That’s right folks, the much revered energy drink that mutates it’s consumers and grants them supernatural strengths and abilities is now available on Earth, imported all the way from planet Serra. The trademark drink from one of the most coolest games on this planet is now being marketed and sold on planet Earth itself.

Gears Of War Imulsion Drink

Imulsion is considered to be a highly volatile, phosphorescent and low viscosity fluid found on planet Serra. Locust and his platoon use this particular drink that help them to transform into Lambent forms and explode themselves when killed by others. Sadly our Earthly version of the Imulsion drink is a very toned down phase of the original stuff, in short it can be put as a very Sugary and over-caffeine drink that helps us humans to get over the small naps and work a little more, a little more energy, a little more strength and simply good to taste.

Sadly we have no information on the nutritional value of the above mentioned drink, but I think it is safe for use on Earth, by Adults of course!. Selling for $2.99 a can (250 ml), this might be on the shopping list of many out there who obviously are ready to buy anything that has a logo of their favorite game on it; the Die Hard Fans, so if you are one of those you wouldn’t mind checking out the Gears of War Lighter that is sure to set your craze on fire so that it is visible to everyone or perhaps the Gears of War iPhone Sleeve.

via;[Oh Gizmo]

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