Forza 3 Cake for Xbox 360 is Mouth Watering

If you are a fan of racing games, you would already be knowing about the Forza Motorsport game. The Forza 3 is a realistic racing simulator and it comes with over 400 customizable cars and more than 100 race tracks. If you love this game, you would certainly love this delicious Forza 3 Cake which has been baked by Stephanie.


The cake was baked for the Forza 3 launch event at Microsoft and it looks better than any cake that I have seen. The Forza 3 Cake was baked with vanilla bean cream cheese filling and when you sink your teeth into this piece of heavenly cake, you might even forget that your first love is video games! The cake comes with red, cream and grey hues and makes your water badly enough to turn the virtual race tracks wet and slippery.

The Forza 3 Cake comes with amazing edges and the perfectly straight edges make the cake look impeccable. You could also check out the Xbox Halo Cake which I have been lusting after for quite some time. It is an enigmatic thing that video games and cakes are so closely related and that they get along so well. Perhaps we all should bake more cakes inspired by our favourite consoles and favourite video game titles.

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