New VR Half-Life May Be in the Works

Half-Life may come in a VR avatar
Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell in 2018

Half-Life fans who had eagerly waited for the next installment of the game will be disappointed. Rumors suggest Valve is developing a new VR Half-Life game. The first person shooter game will be shelved in the avatar it was known to everyone. That certainly will miff many fan who expected Half-Life 3 to be on the anvil sooner or later. 

However, the game may make a reappearance tin a new form solely concentrating on Virtual Reality (VR) technology. This might render many Xbox fans unable to play the new game unless they have access to VR devices. 

What is the new VR Half-Life rumor all about?

Half-Life 2 fans had long waited for the next episode. Valve had teased fans with many rumors and indications in the past decade that a new game was in the offing. However, now it is quite clear that Half-Life 3 is never coming. Instead, PC Gamer picked up a secret conversation on Google Docs. They found that Valve may be about to launch a new Half-Life game in the first quarter of 2020. Someone has quickly removed the conversation from Google Docs but a record of it is still available on PasteBin

The conversation seems to have taken place between Team Fortress co-developer Robin Walker, Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Final Hours, and a mysterious third person. Geoff apparently blurted out “March 2020, “Half-Life: Alyx” comin’ out…”. They have deleted the comment now.

The new game requires VR devices

The conversation on PasteBin suggests that the game will focus on Alyx Vance, a character that has appeared in the past. This will be bittersweet news to Half-Life fans, especially if they played it on Xbox. The purported game will focus deeply on VR technology and the current Xbox models may need an extra device to support VR technology the way the game requires it. It must be borne in mind that Microsoft announced last month that it has been working on a new VR device. If that is released at the same time as Half-Life’s new version, it would be a great gift to the fans. 

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