Xbox 720: Futuristic Handheld Console Concept

Modders and designers have realized what is missing in the world of gaming that has been created by Microsoft. While rival companies like Sony and Nintendo have their portable and handheld console, it is only Microsoft that does not have anything that is portable or handheld. Thus, Microsoft is leaving a huge gap where competitors can actually take Xbox for a ride.

portable xbox 720 handheld console

Thus, keeping that in mind designers and modders have been keeping themselves busy trying to design an Xbox handheld which they feel would garner the attention of the guys at Microsoft. Djeric has designed an Xbox touch pad portable which almost looks futuristic. With the conceptual console being named Xbox 720, we can expect twice the amount of fun we have been having Xbox 360. Nevertheless, it is just a concept and it would take a long time for the developers at Microsoft to even consider an Xbox portable or handheld console for Xbox fans.

xbox 720 portable handheld console

If such a console were ever designed, we could take our Xbox games wherever we wanted and be able to play the games without having to worry about plugging in. The conceptual handheld also comes with a sleek keyboard which can be shoved inside the console at your discretion. With such talented designers bringing forward their amazing designs, why can’t Microsoft realize the huge and growing market for a portable console? If things go well, we might actually see one in the coming future!

12 thoughts on “Xbox 720: Futuristic Handheld Console Concept

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  2. Dr.X .

    Xbox really needs a portable out there.. these rumours have been going on for 6 years as far as i can remember. Seriously to be honest, this concept burns psp go. Wait.. whats there to be honest about, fcuk psp go!

  3. Gamer~~~#1 .

    This xbox looks sick i would pay up to $500 for this!!!!$$$$ Ive been hopin theyed bring out a portable xbox 4 ages, hope it comes out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  4. xbox fanatic .

    I can’t wait for the x box portable coming out I wish I would spend up to. a 600 $ for just one of the sweet design but I better have great graphics because the new psp2 is really bringing in costumer with the dual anlong sticks the camera and the touch screen monitor that sick!!!! But not as cool as the x box I like the design but it would be cool if it had a projector screen had a camera for facebook and twitter wi-fi connection and takes videotape recorder also you can watch you tube an other types of media

  5. Dillbrow .

    if they can make a handheld device that links with your xboxlive account and avatar, syncs your acheivments and status, and plays its own seperate games as well as most arcade games from live.then it would def be a big hit. i even think its safe to say that it would blow nintendo and plystation outta the water. and thats not asking alot in a handheld system. not by a longshot.

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  7. Morris .

    I love the idea but I honestly don’t like the design and im all for a handheld Xbox system. But I want something with good graphics, and smooth gameplay and it definitely needs to synchronize with the Xbox 360 :)

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