Xbox 360 Controller Design Study

Xbox 360 fans already know how great the controllers feels and reacts, but John Gelardi has made a design study out of it making the controller look like a piece of art.


As if we didn’t already know that the Xbox 360 controller was a rare form of artistic beauty, this design study shows the controller in a beautiful art piece. It simply accentuates the curves, buttons and colors in a remarkable showmanship and gives props to the handy controls.


Without any fans looking for anything new or extraordinary in this design, the artist explains:

The design is just a form study and finding a reason to practice and get back into SolidWorks surfacing. As a gamer I would really like to see Microsoft come out with an adult sized controller with some optional buttons.

We should appreciate such controls and really hope other joysticks, away from the Microsoft Xbox console, will also adapt such work and style.


Thanks John for the great design images!

3 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Controller Design Study

  1. Brian .

    While I think it’s overall well done, looking at the thumbsticks causes me to shudder; the sticks seem sooo obnoxiously big it makes the controller look kinda ugly. Also, just being picky, the triggers don’t look as nice or artistic as the real ones. If the artist was going for beauty, he should have modeled and rendered the green orb in the middle of the controller; and the buttons are a little bland, they need some light refraction or something to make them look more interesting.

    Good job overall though, nice job.

  2. Colin .

    Can someone give me a link to the measurements needed to make this controller? We have a project to do based on controllers and one thing we have to do is to draw a controller on solidworks but since I’m new to the program and that the project is due soon, ill need measurements. Any help is appreciated.

  3. rob .

    hey cud you please tell me how you did this im in he same boat as colin and any help would be very much appreciated. this is exactly what i’m looking for :)

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