Call of Duty Elite – Do You Really Wanna Pay A Monthly Fee?

This coming fall, Activision Blizzard Inc. is looking to begin charging monthly fees to players who want to take advantage of the new Call of Duty Elite system. What is this system, why should you have to pay for it, and is it really worth it?

Most of us would really like to think that the $60 we pay to play our beloved video games is enough to satisfy the gaming industry, especially when we spend millions, if not billions, a year on the purchasing of video games. In the past few months, companies have unfortunately forced some to purchase a code online when buying a used game in order to play online with friends, and now the publisher of the markets biggest video game series, Call of Duty, would like to charge you a monthly fee on top of your $60 in order to “enhance your game play.”

Call of Duty Elite will be a service offered by Activision Blizzard that will allow players to gain access to added features in the next installment of the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. These features could include special map packs, special levels, and also “Call of Duty player tools,” similar to the tools given out in other popular games, such as the Halo series. From my interpretation, these tools would allow players to analyze their game plays and see things such as virtual maps with statistics on kills and deaths with certain weapons and such. On top of that, there seems to be the promise of tournaments where players can earn “awesome virtual and real-world prizes,” though I cannot help but think this sounds strikingly similar to what one very big gaming site provides, Game Battles, again a free service.

While Executives have yet to really put a finger on a price, it has been said that “they expect the cost to be less than fees for comparable online-entertainment services, such as a $7.99-a-month Netflix Inc. movie subscription” (WSJ). In my opinion, it really seems that this service will be a huge flop for the company, as players will not want to pay for these features. In the past, developers have included this feature into the game at no cost, such as Bungie in it’s Halo 3 pages and Halo: Reach pages. I could not see myself shelling out the cash for this service simply on that fact alone. While it has yet to be fully revealed as to what will be available, I cannot imagine it would be life and game changing for players. Luckily, players will not have to pay for this in order to play the game, it will simply be an added bonus.

Currently, there is a Beta Sign-Up going on for the service, so head on over to reserve your spot if you haven’t already. What do the readers think about Call of Duty Elite? Would you pay for it once it’s offered? Maybe you should also check out June’s Xbox 360 Releases and The 6 Best Survival Horror Games  for Xbox 360!

11 thoughts on “Call of Duty Elite – Do You Really Wanna Pay A Monthly Fee?

  1. Bob .

    This is gay its the first step towards a monthly online subscription fee just for basic multiplayer.

  2. Casey Roth .

    Activision is pretty much whipping their c**k out at the faces of their players, and saying “Suck it while we take money from your wallets.”

  3. Jeremy .

    Love Call Of Duty, play it about every day, but I refuse to pay one red cent toward this “new & improved multiplayer system”. It will be as easy as counting to 3 for me to completely stop playing the games. They are nothing but money hungry pieces of excrement to charge us, the ones who continue to purchase their games even though each and EVERY COD is virtually the SAME exact game! I understand I am only one person but Activision will not be receiving my money for online pay. I could guarentee it.

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  5. BJNelson Post author.

    @Brandon, the facts here are certainly straight, and although your article argues that this would help the franchise, I would have to strongly disagree. I cannot ever see this being a great process for the franchise, because as I said above, I see the stat tracking being something that can, and should, be offered for free like in the Halo series, therefore making people not want to pay for it in the long run.

  6. Macspt .

    Why would the franchise need help? It already makes billions of dollars.

    I paid $60 for the last game, and another $15 for the map pack, I sure as hell wont pay for an online sub when I think they ask a lot to begin with.

    I think they are underestimating the abilities of the players to drop the franchise and walk away. Especially kids who get the game for a special occasion and would otherwise not have money to spend on a monthly sub fee.

    The gaming industry has tons of games to fill all the gaming needs of all kinds of players. They are severely underestimating the fact that you can simply pick up another game to fill the void.

    I generally try to spend no more then $10 on my PC games. This is one of the few games that I will buy brand new. But, if they charge standard prices and then expect me to pay to play, I will drop it like a hot potato.

    My 2 cents

  7. CaliGreenhits .

    If we really want to send these companies a message we need to boycott this service and other extra cost services they keep throwing at us. Unfortunately not enough gamers are smart enough, or are too addicted to games to do this. They supply the drug and gamers keep buyin it.

    p.s.- To all the tool/jerk-offs on xbox live. You dont stop being an @#!hole when you xbox shuts off. You are still an smartmouth #!@$head when you look in the mirror in the morning.

  8. HelloAndroid .

    No thank you, even though the E3 trailer looks great, It looks very similar to MW2, which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing, but I feel if the original IW team was still together, it would of something to behold, sorry COD, Battlefield 3 has my reservation, and their services are all free

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